You have heard of customer EXperience, but what about INsperience?

I want to introduce you to the latest book release by world-class trainers Phillip Duncan and Brian Church (co-author of best-seller, The Experience: 5 Principles of Disney Service and Relationship Excellence).

“INSPERIENCE” has debuted at #1 and we couldn’t be more excited!

What is INsperience? Customer Experience is wholly dependent upon it. Revenue charts mirror its rise and fall. It is the key factor to minimizing employee turnover and associated costs. Insperience is an internal movement to create a positive atmosphere that manifests through employee loyalty, happiness, and productivity. Before there can be an exceptional, repeatable Customer Experience there must be an exceptional, consistent Insperience. Beyond traditional employee engagement, Insperience is a fundamental principle. You can’t pour out onto your clients what you haven’t first poured into your team.

Get your copy of INsperience HERE.

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