Change the culture and you
change the experience

Discover. Define.


EXP Leadership Facilitation Culture transformation requires organization-wide commitment, starting with leadership. EXP collaborates with leadership through a proprietary culture discovery process (Insperience) that defines organizational priorities and informs custom training assessments.

Teach. Transform.


EXP Employee Experience Training Delivering on the promise of providing a customer-centered experience means executing a shared vision from maintenance to management. EXP’s in-person and online training provides employees with the right tools to improve job performance and influence positive customer encounters.

Intelligence. Insights.


EXP Experience Index Happy employees result in happy customers, which improves customer satisfaction scores. EXP’s Experience Index provides organizations with real-time experience performance analytics, dashboards and reporting (Employee and Customer Indexes) to accurately forecast customer satisfaction, and enhance operational accountability.



25-95% increase in profitability by elevating customer retention rates


80% of customers say their loyalty is due to likeability and trust


#1 customer loyalty driver is employees

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